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    Achieving a reduction in antibiotic usage on your farm

    There are several reasons why a reduction in antibiotic usage on a farm is desirable. Vet Ger Cusack, Comeragh Veterinary, Co. Waterford discusses and we look at a case study on Project Engage, a pilot programme that examines and measures the use of antibiotics on farm.

    Parasite Control in Horses

    In this article, Vet Padraig looks at the main factors affecting worming choice and the three major players in equine parasites; red worms, tapeworms and roundworms.

    Optimum Ram Management for Successful Mating

    Ram subfertility is the biggest cause of poor conception rates and barren ewes. Rams need careful management all year long to ensure a successful breeding season. In this article, Vet Mark Drought, Avondale Veterinary Clinic, Arklow, Co. Wicklow talks about the measures you can take to ensure optimum fertility.

    Managing Herd Lameness

    As herd sizes increase, the incidence of lame cows is also increasing. In this article, Vet John Healy, Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic, Bandon looks at how lameness is not only a problem for the cow; it can lead to significant financial losses for the farm business.

    Making the most of Milk Records

    Mastitis and high somatic cell counts (SCC) can be one of the most expensive health problems on a dairy farm. In this article, Vet Kevin Meaney, Southview Veterinary Hospital gives an in depth overview of how to make the most of your milk records.

    Common Skin Diseases of Horses

    In this article vet Jennifer O’Callaghan Byrne talks about some of the common skin conditions that can affect horses.

    Tick Borne Diseases in Cattle and Sheep - Part 2

    In this article (part 2 of 2), vet Bryan Deane, Sliabh Luachra Vets, takes a look at tick borne diseases that affect cattle and sheep in Ireland

    Tick Borne Diseases in Cattle and Sheep

    In this article (part 1 of 2), vet Bryan Deane, Sliabh Luachra Vets, takes a look at tick borne diseases that affect cattle and sheep in Ireland

    Common Diseases of Calves at Grass

    In this article vet Michael O Meara outlines the various diseases that affect calves at grass and includes tips on different treatment options available.

    Project Engage - Reducing antibiotic usage on Irish farms with XLVets

    Project Engage started in October 2019, this pilot programme which involves 9 farmers is delivered by XLVets. The aim of this pilot programme is to examine the effects of close veterinary involvement and proactive management on animal health and antibiotic usage. Read our programme update here, Farmer Journal Aidan Brennan speaks with 3 farmers involved.