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    XLVets Skillnet had a very successful networking event at the Shelbourne Greyhound Racing Stadium on 9 December. With an attendance of over 120 the event is likely to live long in the memories of those present...

    Brian Ryan of Mulcair Veterinary Clinics presents Martin Butler with a high quality XLVets Fleece. See XLVets client magazine Livestock Matters for competition details.

    XLVets Skillnet organised a very successful training event on Wet Lab orthopaedics entitled 'Moving up a Gear in Fracture Fixation' which was led by Professor John Innes of the University of Liverpool and James Dunne of Ark Veterinary Clinic in Galway. The event was held at the Pan Veterinary Clinic in Kildare.

    XLVet Ireland held its first AGM and Summer Event 2011 in Galway on June 9 - 10. The theme of the event was Responding to Change. The event also saw the launch of the XLVet Skillnet.

    A very successful XL Vets event, with the theme of Business Growth in 2011 was held in Tullamore, January 20 - 22. The event saw the launch of two new initiatives - one in the area of Herd Fertility Programmes for the large animal sector and the second - a Senior Pet Care initiative for companion animals. Some of the attendees are pictured below: