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    This October and November, XLVets Skillnets are liaising with Bimeda to offer a series of informative and practical farmer workshops. We will have experts in ruminant nutrition & trace elements present on the topic of nutrition and trace element status in cattle, with a specific focus on the role trace element nutrition can play in promoting fertility and productivity.

    The aim of...

    Forty vets attended a Bull Fertility Masterclass in Dublin on September 3rd and 4th. The event organised by XLVets Skillnet was delivered by Professor Al Barth; a world expert in bull fertility from Saskatchewan University in Canada.  

    The relevance of the event was underlined by the message that up to 15% of bulls traded never produce any progeny. Of those bulls that do reproduce, ICBF...

    On September 3rd and 4th, XLVets Skillnet are delighted to bring Professor Albert Barth from Saskatchewan University, Canada to lead a Bull Fertility Masterclass at the City West Hotel in Saggart, Co. Dublin.

    This is a once-off opportunity to learn from the world’s leading authority on bull fertility. All aspects of the...

    Jerry Crowley (Glenbower Vets) held a Farmskills Herd Fertility Training event Thursday 16th April.

    1, 2, 3, 4....The number of lambs born with the help of XLVet member practice Glenina Vets, Galway this week. Experts say that the chances of quadruplets are as low as one in 400 with twins and triplets far more common.

    Great work, well done to all involved.