XLVets Skillnet Veterinary Graduate Programme 2018/2019

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    What is the XLVets Veterinary Graduate Programme:

    Our graduate program is designed to provide a comprehensive mix of practical training delivered by our panel of experienced vets and other industry experts. 

    The 2018/19 Programme commenced October 3rd 2018 and includes training in the following core areas; Bovine, Sheep, Equine, Small Animal and Communication/ConsultationSkills.

    • 15 training days delivered over 2 years by our panel of experienced vets and industry experts
    • Open to new and *recent graduates employed within the XLVets network
    • Develop key clinical and client skills – Learn best practice
    • Access to our national support network with over 300 members
    • Support and advice from an assigned mentor

    *This graduate programme is open to vets who are within 3 years of graduation and working within the XLVets Network.

    Roísín XL Vet Grad programme from That's Farming Media on Vimeo.

    Mentoring: Throughout the programme, you will have ongoing support from an assigned mentor from within XLVets who will work with you to ensure training objectives are been achieved. This support will continue for a further 12 months after completion of your training.

    Areas covered in the programme:


    • Bovine Obstetrics, caesarean sections & calving
    • Calf medicine and treatments
    • Digit amputation & secondary surgeries
    • Post mortem techniques and disease investigation
    • Mastitis, milk quality and housing
    • Surgery including vasectomy, epididectomy & hernia repair


    • Sheep fertility, caesarean sections & lambing
    • Parasites and dosing strategies
    • Vaccination protocols
    • Metabolic diseases


    • Equine emergencies and acute trauma
    • Sedations and general anaesthetic options
    • Lameness examinations, diagnosis and treatments
    • Dentistry
    • Markings and horse passports- The rules and regulations

    Small Animal:

    • Consultations and in house testing
    • Neutering - cats and dogs
    • Anaesthesia including emergency and critical care
    • Soft tissue surgery

    Communication Skills/Compliance:

    • Communicating better with clients
    • Consultation Skills
    • Compliance – prescribing and legislation
    • Driving skills

    If you are interested in joining our Veterinary Graduate Programme in 2019, please complete the form below.

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