April 2015

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    Sean Coffey's picture

    The miracle of vaccination should not be overlooked. Read what Sean Coffey of Mulcair Vets has to say...

    Last Sunday, the 11th of April, marked the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Polio vaccine. It was considered a miracle vaccine at the time and has gone on to enhance humankind! 

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    Padraig Duggan of Killenaule Vets explains why its important to watch out for Selenium/Vitamin E deficiency

    This Monday, as I drove into a suckler farmer’s yard to do his annual herd test and I noticed that the farmer and his daughter were looking very upset.

    It transpired that while bringing the animals in from a field to do the test, a four month old calf had suddenly collapsed. The bull calf had been perfectly healthy earlier that morning and indeed had been thriving noticeably better than any of his comrades in recent weeks.  By the time the farmer got to him, the calf was drawing his last breath.

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    Compulsory dog microchiping is good news for everyone. Mairead Berkery of Avondale Vets explains why...

    Two weeks ago I was called out to a distressed farmer whose sheep had been attacked by a wandering Labrador.  He had managed to catch the dog and he asked me to bring out my microchip scanner to identify him.

    Nicholas Garvey's picture

    Getting ready for the lambing storm: prolapses and problem ewes

    There are few things as frustrating at this time to the sheep farmer as a ewe with a “reed out” or prolapsed vagina.  This is one of the most common pre lambing problems we encounter.

    The prolapsed vagina and uterus are commonly confused. 

    The ‘reed out’ is a prolapsed vagina about 10-20 cm in diameter and occurs in the last few weeks of pregnancy, before lambing. 

    The ‘lamb bed out’ is a prolapsed uterus and occurs only after lambing and is a large irregular structure usually extending below the hock.