March 2015

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    The dangers of "hardware disease" in your herd

    Can cows get an LDA or an RDA (Left or Right Displaced Abdomen) before calving? 

    I was asked this question by a worried farmer recently. The cow causing his concern was about a month from calving. She was lethargic and walking very slowly into the crush. Her temperature was raised, her rumen wasn’t moving, and her heart rate was high.

    She was similar in all respects to an LDA or RDA cow, except that there wasn’t a telltale “ping” on her flank when I listened with my stethoscope.

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    End of milk quotas feature to manage dairy expansion risks

    Four vets answer key questions about how farmers can manage herd health risks in a post milk quota situation.

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    Praying sheep need more than divine intervention...causes and cures explained!

    Many lame sheep adopt a prostrate “praying” posture when lame in a forelimb, or are forced to carry a lame limb. The severe pain leads to decreased mobility and feed intake and can predispose to conditions such as twin lamb disease when the ewe can’t take in enough energy to meet the demands of pregnancy.  Lame ewes won’t milk well for the same reason.

    Three main causes of lameness in sheep are