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The comprehensive campaign runs for six days from 6pm this evening, on the thatsfarming snapchat account - tune in for all the stories.

It’s March, calving and lambing are in full swing, calf populations are peaking and disease pressure is constantly increasing; farms are stretched to capacity and vets are at their busiest.

Did you ever wonder how a vet’s day is structured during this busy spring period on the farm? Any idea of what time they start in the morning and what time they finish in the evening? Well if not, follow - thatsfarming - on Snapchat this week for A Day in the Life of a Vet.

The comprehensive campaign – which will run for six days on That’s Farming’s Snapchat from Monday, March 25th to Saturday, March 30th - is brought to you by MSD Animal Health and XLVets. The support of XLVets Skillnet for this initiative is appreciated.

Vets include:

  • Michael Sexton – Riverview, Bandon, Co. Cork;


  • Steph Downer – Mulcair Vets, Cappamore, Co. Limerick;


  • Michael O’Connor – O’ Connor Julian, Cashel, Co. Tipperary;


  • Pat Carroll – Ormonde Vets, Co. Kilkenny;


  • Colm McGovern – Glenina Vets, Co. Galway;


  • Rachel Brown – Moy Vets, Ballina, Co. Mayo.


The innovative broadcast promises to be both educational and revealing; audience interaction is encouraged.

MSD Animal Health staff members – John Heslin, Jessie Collins and TJ Duffy – will join XLVets during the campaign.


Importance of Animal Health

John Heslin - Product Manager – Ruminants at MSD Animal Health said: On the back of a very successful Snapchat takeover in 2018, we are pleased to partner with XLVets again for this initiative.”

“The awareness surrounding the importance of Animal Health in a livestock production system has increased dramatically at farm level in recent years.”

“Animal Health is now considered as important, if not more important, than Genetics, Management and Nutrition.”

“Through this initiative, we aim to demonstrate what happens in the day in the life of a veterinary practitioner and the wide range of tasks and duties they carry out during their typical day.”

Diverse content

Caroline Keane – General Manager at That’s Farming said: “We are more than delighted to be teaming up with MSD Animal Health and XLVets once again.”

“We aim to showcase lots of educational scenarios dealing with both large and small animals as we continue to present diverse content to our Snapchat followers.”

Geoff Dooley - XLVets said: “We are delighted to facilitate the third annual farm veterinary showcase on Snapchat.”

“If you are interested in farming, veterinary or food animal production – you will want to follow XLVets on That’s Farming’s Snapchat from this Monday (March 25th).”