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    Kieran O'Mahony of Glen Vets reflects on the implications of a very busy spring on farms...

    I was scanning cows for a farmer today, and she commented on what a busy time of the year it is.

    No sooner is the calving season winding down, than the breeding season gets into full swing, and every effort is being made to reach the magic targets for submission rate, 6 week calving rate, etc.

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    The dangers of "hardware disease" in your herd

    Can cows get an LDA or an RDA (Left or Right Displaced Abdomen) before calving? 

    I was asked this question by a worried farmer recently. The cow causing his concern was about a month from calving. She was lethargic and walking very slowly into the crush. Her temperature was raised, her rumen wasn’t moving, and her heart rate was high.

    She was similar in all respects to an LDA or RDA cow, except that there wasn’t a telltale “ping” on her flank when I listened with my stethoscope.

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