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    Consistently delivering the highest standards of animal care and health management through veterinary excellence

    XLVets Ireland is a network of independently owned, progressive veterinary practices. We are dedicated to providing first class care and support to both our livestock and companion animal clients.

    XLVets originated from a group of dynamic farm animal veterinary practices who worked hard to create what they saw as a model of how individual practices can work successfully in partnership.

    Our practices work collaboratively sharing experience, knowledge and skills in order to define and deliver the highest standards of veterinary practice, animal welfare and customer care to both our livestock farmer clients and companion animal clients. 

    Our aim is to be at the heart of our farm clients’ business as the primary source of highly valued on farm advice and the central coordinating consultant for other on farm services. We are dedicated to providing a high quality, cost effective service, to support long term-growth and future prosperity within the Irish livestock industry.

    For more information on XLVets and our member practices please contact the XLVet Ireland office at 061 381505 or email us at office@xlvets.ie