XLVets Ireland

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    XLVets is a group of 24 progressive practices who are working together to achieve a better future for our veterinary businesses. By sharing experience, knowledge and skills, we strive to deliver excellence in veterinary practice to our clients and their animals.

    Our guiding mission is as follows:

    “Consistently delivering the highest standards of animal care and health management through veterinary excellence”

    XLVets is an organisation of its members, for its members. It is, in effect a cooperative. The Board of XLVets expects all of its members to actively participate within the group and to share ideas, knowledge and experience with other group members. The Board requires members to work in collaboration with other members to achieve positive outcomes.

    The future of agriculture needs a healthy industry which needs healthy animals. XLVets is committed to being a part of this healthy future.

    Our Vets contribute weekly to both the Farmers Journal and the Tipperary Nationalist, click here to find an article

    XLVets Skillnet awarded Best Learning & Development Organisation (Networks & Groups) at the 2016 IITD National Training Awards